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Rabu, 06 Januari 2016

I should be there

Ellies Sutrisna updated her cover photo.
23 hrs
On Cruise Ship.
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Vivi Jap Have fun Coach Ellies and Fam
LikeReply120 hrs
Widia Yanti Mba Ellies Sutrisna..cantiik bgt
LikeReply114 hrs
Jules Canada Hello Happy Family!!! Is it a new cruise?
LikeReply113 hrs
Dwika Sudrajat I should be there too.
LikeReply19 hrs
Ellies Sutrisna Next time, you will be there pak Dwika Sudrajat..
Have a nice day pak 
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Dwika Sudrajat Thanks a lot, Bu Ellies Sutrisna
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