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Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013


use, the LYNX bus. A really nice woman at the hotel printed out schedules for us since we didn't have a WiFi-equipped device. I noticed that one of them, the 42, was conveniently very close to our hotel and went to the airport! I managed to talk my mother into it (my father thought it was a good idea already), and we planned the trip.

It took a while to get the camera out, so the result is a shot that's up close and personal.
Since almost all of the LYNX routes run every hour on Sundays, we had to know exactly where to pick up the bus. My mother and I went on a scouting mission, when we found the first con of the system: poor signage. Here on the MBTA, the bus sign tells you the route, as well as its destination. On LYNX, however, it only tells you the route. My mother and I had to ask three people to find out which way the airport was! However, almost all of the LYNX stops I saw had shelters and the LYNX logo, a paw print.

I wanted to take a picture of the I-hop sign, but the LYNX sign got in the way!
...Just kidding.
While waiting at the bus stop, I noticed that all LYNX buses are different colors.

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