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Minggu, 09 Oktober 2016

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Robot Vincent
Cool Videos of Vincent..
This is my personal project, is an Humanoid robot, 30 DOF, speach recognition, vision stereo, he can speak as well we can call that,
more than 110 voice comand.
Vision System:new
Skin Detection, Motion Detection, colors and Distance from the robot to objects. (Dic 8/06)
Object detection, opencv. may.2010
Cost: 9 years of my work, full time in this project.
Visual C++ 2008, open cv, Directshow, Point Cloud Library, PCL (new-2011)
3 arduino Mega, bridges”H”,LM 298, integrate bridge. USB convert to 232. PC Toshiba Satellite,
core 2 1.8 Ghz 2 Delux webcam, 1 Kinect.
30 dc electrical motor, Aluminiun, Carbon Fiber.4 wheel
robot colombiano colombia

VIDE Freeman Corp. Florida - Hong Kong - Jakarta

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Antonio Treglia Very good job
Harshil Anand Woah.....Amazing Work....😊
Mohd Naveeduddin Really loved it Best image.
Pravin Prakash Deshpande awesome work....!!!!!!!

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