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Minggu, 19 Juni 2016

220 reach Pi Bot

Pi Bot
by Orlando_2k
A raspberry pi B+ is located in the head
a modified RC toy (about 0.5m tall). 
Beside driving this robot can move it's “waist” to bend forward and backward, move the arm's inward and outward to grab objects and shoot some soft darts.
. I 3d printed a bumper to protect it ( It is equipped with a sensor board (3 Axis accelerometer, 3 Axis magnetometer, Temperature and Pressure).
Connected via USB are a WiFi stick, a USB cam (removed the Ir filter) and a controller for the motors, that is located in the bottom. The robot also has a PIR sensor behind the black visor.
I replaced the speaker with a better quality one so that the volume is ok without an additional amplifier.
the LiPo for the motors is really nice, it has a build in battery level indicator.

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