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Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Dwika Sudrajat's Twitter

Dwika Sudrajat's Twitter account is worth $12.87

With 36 followers, 884 tweets, 0 favorited tweets, 0 lists, and 47 friends, we have calculated that Dwika Sudrajat's Twitter account (@dwikasudrajat) is worth between $9.65 and $16.09 USD. To refresh this page click the green arrows above (to the top-right of this blurb).
Dwika Sudrajat's Profile Picture
Twitter Username: @dwikasudrajat
Real Name: Dwika Sudrajat
Location: Jakarta
Bio / Description: As a Managing Consultant he works as part of a project team to provide technical and functional leadership in the creation and deployment of supply chain APAC
Account Created: Wed Jan 13 10:22:48 +0000 2010
Telephone Number: View Detailed Report
Sales Information: With 36 follower(s), 884 tweet(s), 0 favorited tweet(s), 0 list(s), and 47 friend(s), we have calculated that the @dwikasudrajat Twitter account is worth between $9.65 and $16.09 USD on the open market. Please note, however that (according to's Twitter Rules and Terms of Service), nobody is permitted to sell their account or username without prior written permission from Twitter, Inc. This appraisal report is, therefore, generated under the assumption that such permission is granted by Twitter. If such permission is not granted, there is no (zero) market value or worth to this account.
Followers: 36 users
Following: 47 users
Criminal Record: View Detailed Report
Listed: 0 times
Tweets: 884 sent
Last Tweet: Sent on Sun Dec 30 15:16:50 +0000 2012 from web
Favorited Tweets: 0 tweets
Low-Range Appraisal: $9.65 USD
Average Appraisal: $12.87 USD
High-Range Appraisal: $16.09 USD

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