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Minggu, 11 November 2012

Paid for their judgment

Managers get paid for their judgment.
Be well,

"What does a manager get paid for?" 
by: Steven Cerri

I know, I know....

A manager gets paid for results!

or maybe it's.....

A manager gets paid for the results of the people he/she manages!

or maybe it's....

A manager gets paid to manage things!

or maybe it's....

A manager gets paid to worry!

I could go on and on... but... here is the reason managers get paid that I want to talk about....

Managers get paid for their "judgment!"

That's right...

Managers get paid for their judgment.

What is judgment?

Well, I'm not even going to go there.  I'll discuss what judgment is in a future blog.

However, what I really want to turn you on to are the answers to these two questions... "How do you improve your judgment and what is the source of judgment?"

Well, neurologically, the source of judgment seems to be two lobes that you and everyone else has.  However, not everyone's lobes are equally developed.  In fact, if your lobes are not very well developed it seems pretty certain from research that you won't have good judgment. 

However, if your lobes are well developed, your judgment will be pretty good.  The better devleoped, the better your judgment.

These lobes are the "frontal lobes" of your brain.  They are the seat of risk aversion, risk assessment, judgment, the interpretation of feedback from the environment, and the projection of consequences into the future, among other functions.

If your frontal lobes are not well developed, if something during childhood or later years impaired their development, then your judgment may not be what you'd like it to be.

Also, if your frontal lobes are well developed then you probably make good decisions and have a capability of assessing how the future will turn out.

You probably know people who have had a great deal of experience and still don't seem to have "good judgment".  You also probably know young people who seem to have very good judgment.  In fact, the phrase about someone being an "old soul" may be a colloquial way of unknowingly acknolweging good judgment in someone and therefore, the devleopment of their frontal lobes.

There is a great new website that addresses frontal lobe development, judgment, and exercises to strengthen the frontal lobes for the specific development of judgment. 

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