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Jumat, 14 September 2012

Snow Globe

Snow White in the Snow


Today we have a magical mystery. To wit: where is the music? As you can see from the picture below, the box lists the contents as a Musical Water Globe. But upon examining the Globe, I find no musical elements.

So what happened?

A Hallmark Exclusive

Two things may account for the discrepancy. One: The box was printed up before the piece was finished, and it was originally intended to be musical. When this idea was abandoned, likely for cost reasons, the box was already printed and delivered. Two: Hallmark commissioned two versions. One musical, and one not.

Of the two possibilities, it is more likely that the first one is true. Hallmark wouldn't carry two versions of such a big a pricey item.

There are other clues to support this conclusion, as we will see as we go along:

Entrance to the Dwarf's Mine

The Dwarfs march around the base

Snow White converses with a Blue Bird and Fawn

Doc is the leader

"Oh my! It's snowing!"

Thus far, we can see that there isn't any room for musical elements, like a turn key or speaker, anywhere on the outside of the Water Globe.

Air bubble, which allows the snow to be scattered


Here we see the best reason why this couldn't be a Musical Globe. This piece is extremely heavy. It is solid all the way through, and wasn't cast with a hole in the base for a music box to be inserted.

Flurry of controversy

So what really happened to Snow White's music? Did the Dwarf's forget to install the Music Box? Did the Evil Queen alter the box copy to embarrass Hallmark?

We may never know what evil was used to cause this mistake. So only one question remains:

Why is Bambi in a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Water Globe?

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